Sunday, August 5, 2007

Explaining PTC

PTC (Paid To Click) is a great way to make money online! There are countless websites on the internet that allow you to earn money by clicking simple ads. But at first glance you'd say: "SCAM". You'd think that there is no way the site will pay out since it won't make any money. But it does make money. The website makes money from advertisers who advertise the advertisments you click (yes that sentence sounds funny I know). Trust me if I had a PTC site, I would be rich from all the traffic and advertisers advertising in my site. Maybe I should go and make one :P, just need a guy who knows how to script.

Anyway one of these sites that use the PTC system is AdverCASH (yes you might notice it is has a refer link attached to it... but since I am refering you, maybe you can be so kind to join under me ^_^?).

So advercash works really simple. For each advertisment (now I will call it ad for future reference) you click, you get 1 cent. For each member you refer you get 1 cent. For each link YOUR REFERRAL clicks you get 1 cent. The min payout is 10 usd. They currently payout only to PAYPAL.

Join Advercash by clicking on the following link:

Currently my stats are as shown:

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Nice eh?
I will post more sites later :)!